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Hamilton Gymnastic Academy Facilities


The Hamilton Gymnastic Academy is a permanently set up dedicated year round Gymnastics Facility. This 14,000 square foot facility is a completely outfitted gym with a 48' x 48' Olympic sized spring floor, two large in ground pits two in ground trampolines. Our 50 foot long tumbling trampoline is called a tumble track. It is a great training device for learning tumbling.


We have multiple sets of bars, beams and much more. Everything is set up to keep the children safe while they are having fun in a nurturing environment.


Our Giant Mountain climber is made of soft foam shapes covered in brightly coloured vinyl, it is idea for young children. We have many other soft foam shapes such as wedges, trapezoids to name a few.


The Academy takes every possible safety precaution to reduce the possibility of getting hurt. We have a lot of safety features; safety always comes first. Many clubs don't have anywhere near the number of mats that we have. We provide large landing mats under all of the equipment, so when children do fall they land on a soft surface.

Our dedication to safety and our large numbers of mats make the HGA one of Canada's safest Facilities.


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