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NEW - September-June Registration

To make things easier for Parents we are moving to a longer Session of Gymnastics from September 2022-June 2023. This means you will no longer need to stress about re-registering every few months, and possibly losing your spot.

  • What if I don’t want to commit to 10 months?- No problem, simply email at least 2 weeks before the 1st of the month, to let us know that you wish to unenroll. No refunds for withdrawals after the 1st of the month.
  • Can I join part way through the Session?- Yes! As long as there is space, you can register anytime between September through May.
  • What if my child needs to move up to the next age group, or I need to switch days and times?- Not a problem. If space is available we will make the switch right away. If the class you want is full, you will be put to the top of the wait list and given top priority for that spot when it becomes available. Continue in your current class until the spot opens up, or put your membership on “Hold” until the spot becomes available.

NEW- Fees Calculated Per-Scheduled Classes

Your monthly fees will be based on the number of scheduled classes offered that particular month. This means your monthly fees will vary depending on the number of classes offered each month. For example, September may have 4 classes offered, but December may only have 2 classes offered due to the Holiday Break. This also means that classes on Tue/Wed/Thurs have more classes offered than the classes on Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon due to the many weekend holidays.

NEW-Automatic Monthly Credit Card or Direct Debit Payments

This is great for budgeting, or parents with multiple children. You no longer need to make large lump sum payments.

You will now be able to pay either by Credit Card or by Automatic Debiting of your bank account Monthly. We will no longer be accepting class fee payment at the front desk by credit card/debit/cash. When you register, you will only need to input your CC or Banking info once. This is for your class fees only. Other charges (Upstairs Programs/Camps/Fundraising/Parties /Products) will be invoiced separately and will require you to either re-input your Credit Card/Bank info, or pay at the front desk.

Payments will come out on the 1st of each Month, and an email with the upcoming amount will be sent 10 days prior to the first of the month.

  • When do the payments for Early Registration come out? If you are registering before September, you will pay September’s fee upfront, but the next payment will not come out until October 1st, 2022.
  • How can I view my Upcoming Payments and Previous Invoices? Don’t forget that your Uplifter Account has tons of features that you can use. Simply click on the Account Icon to see “Auto-Renewing Fees” to see upcoming payments. Or click on the Invoice Icon to see all your previous invoices. You can also make changes to your “Saved Payment Methods” if you need to update your Credit Card or Banking Info.

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Hamilton Gymnastic Academy has been nominated for the category of Best Summer Camp.

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Note: Voting closes on August 22, 2022.

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Hamilton Gymnastics Academy has been providing high quality gymnastic instruction to thousands of children in our community since 1981.
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