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Tumble Bees

TUMBLE BEES walking to 3yrs (30 min) 7wks

Full adult participation required.

One adult per child. Note: children must be walking independently.

Tumble Bee’s (introduction to Gymnastics) is an exciting new program offered by the Hamilton Gymnastic Academy.

Tumble Bee’s takes place in our newly designed, air conditioned, upstairs Kinder Area.

This space was designed for fun! Your child will feel confident swinging, climbing and jumping on our soft, brightly coloured equipment.

Our shorter Tumble Bee classes and sessions are the perfect way to introduce your child to the sport of gymnastics.

Children will explore the basic gymnastic movements (swings, springs, landings, locomotion’s, rotations, and static position’s), as well as object manipulation.

This is a great first step towards participation in our big gym area.

Price: $77.00 + $37.00 reg/membership fee if not already paid for 2017/18 season

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